Termos e Condições

These Terms and Conditions are strictly applicable to AMLx and protected by Copyright.

Copy or reproduction to any Store or Service not authorized by AMLx is subject to judicial evaluation and consequent actions.

1. Scope and Object of the Online Store General Condition

The following General Conditions are meant, along with the Order Form and other elements mentioned, to regulate the terms and conditions that the AMLx Online Store will respond to.

Miranda e ferreira, Lda., with the fiscal address on Rua do Forno do Tijolo, nº50-50A, 1170-138 Lisboa, Portugal with the Fiscal Identification Number 500903050 (Portugal) and with the Share Capital of €100.000, from now on mentioned “Armazém das Malhas “.

The Service consists on providing, through the website www.armazemdasmalhas.pt, access to the online store that includes information regarding a number of products that, electronically, can be ordered within the Terms and Conditions hereby displayed.

Users must be 18 (eighteen) or more years of age (younger users can have authorizations of their representatives) to complete a purchase.

Elements and information provided by the User will have full legal effect. Users recognize online purchases, not being able to claim lack of signature to avoid following the obligations assumed when shopping.

2. Information regarding Product and Content
AMLx will do its best to provide all information as accurate as possible.

AMLx will do its best to send the total amount of products ordered, but it is possible that, in some cases, due to some causes not controlled by AMLx such as human error or incidences in the informatics systems, it is not possible to deliver one or more of the products ordered by the User. In case any product is not available after it is ordered, the User will be warned by e-mail or by phone. In that moment, he will have the possibility of canceling the order, with the value being refunded to him.

All information regarding price, products, specifications, promotional campaigns and services can be altered at any moment by AMLx .

3. Responsibility
3.1 All products and Services marketed on the AMLx Online Store are according to the Portuguese Law.

3.2 The AMLx Online Store has the appropriate security levels. Although, AMLx will not be responsible for any losses suffered by the User and/or third party because of delays, interruptions and suspension of communication that origin in causes out of its control, namely scientific or failures caused by the Communication network or Communication services provided by third party entities, by the Computer System, Modems, Connection Software or eventual Virus. If by any reason the access to the AMLx Online Store is unavailable or not working properly, AMLx will not be responsible for eventual losses.

3.4 AMLx will not be responsible for any losses or damages caused by abusive use of the Services that are not directly attributable to willful misconduct or gross negligence. AMLx is not responsible namely for (i) mistakes, omissions or other inaccuracies regarding information displayed on the Service; (ii) damage caused by the User or third party, including violation of intellectual propery; (iii) by not complying or complying wrongfully causing or caused by judicial actions or administrative authority; (iv) by not complying or complying wrongfully causing or caused by force majeure / unpredicted situations, not caused and not controlled by AMLx such as fires, energy cuts, explosions, war, riots, civil insurrections, governmental decisions, strikes, earthquakes, floods or other natural cataclysms that block or harm the normal operation of the Service.

3.5 AMLx does not guarantee that:

i) The Service is provided in an uninterrupted way, that is safe, without mistakes or errors and works in a perfect way

ii) The quality of any product, service provided or any other material bought or obtained through the Service fulfills any expectation the User has of it

iii) Any material obtained in any way through the Service is used at User’s own risk.

iv) No advice or information, written, said or shown given by the Service and/to the User creates any guarantee that is not clearly stated in this Terms and Conditions.

3.6 The User accepts that AMLx cannot in any way be held responsible for any damage, including, but not limited to, damage caused by loss of profit, data, content or any other losses (even if previously warned by the User about the possibility of these damage) occurred by:

i) Impossibility of the User wearing the Product

ii) Difficulty of replacing the Service/Product

iii) Unauthorized access or modification to personal data base

4. Obligations of the Consumer
4.1. The User is obliged to:

i) Supply accurate personal data and address.

ii) Not using fake

iii) Respect the limit of imposed

4.2. In case any of the data is incorrect or insufficient, and for that reason there is a delay or impossibility of processing the order, or eventual non-delivery, the responsibility is of the User, with AMLx declining any responsibility. In case the User violates any of these obligations, AMLx has the right to block future buys, blocking the access to the Online Store, cancelling the supply of any other Services available at AMLx , and also, not allowing future access to any service available by AMLx .

4.3. It is strictly forbidden to use AMLx products acquired on the Online store Commercially, namely for Retail.

5. Privacy and Personal Data Protection

5.1 AMLx guarantees the confidentiality of all data supplied by the User

5.2 All personal data identified in the Order Form as Mandatory are fundamental to the Supplying of the Service for AMLx . Not including or mistakenly providing any of these details are the User’s responsibility and can lead to refusal of Service by AMLx .

5.3 The User’s personal data is processed and kept in AMLx ‘s database and are destined to be used by AMLx regarding contractual and/or commercial relation with the User and, in case AMLx is authorized by the User, to advertise its products.

5.4 In the terms of applicable legislation, it is guaranteed to the User, with no extra costs, the right to access, removal and update of his personal Data, directly or by written request, as well as the right to oppose to the Use of the same data for the previously stated use. For this, the User should contact the department responsible for personal data management: armazem.das.malhas@gmail.com

5.5 The Internet is an open network, so, the User’s personal data and other information, might circulate on the web with no safety conditions, risking to be accessed and used by third party people or entities that are not authorized. AMLx cannot be held responsible for this access/information.

6. Orders
6.1 AMLx ships to most countries in the world, with the list being available on the website. Deliveries to some countries can be affected or cancelled because of Events not controlled by AMLx . If this happens, the User will be warned and the money will be refunded.

6.2. Shipping Timings All orders are Shipped 5 times a week through a transportation company (SEUR; UPS; Chronopost; Fedex or similar) to the European Union or through CTT – Portugal Mail to outside the EU. All orders are shipped at 3pm and delivered, at least, 48h later. The delivery time varies depending on the destination

6.3. Shipping Costs Shipping costs change depending on the destination country. All prices are stated in the Checkout page

7. Exchange
7.1 Products ordered online can be exchanged in the 15 (fifteen) days following the delivery, as long as the product stays intact. The packaging must be returned complete, as delivered and along with all documents regarded, namely the sale invoice (can be sent by e-mail to armazem.das.malhas@gmail.com) and the price Tag (cannot be removed). The product cannot have been worn; otherwise the exchange will be canceled and the original product will be returned to the User. The package should be sent to:l

7.2 Before the Exchange process, the User must alert AMLx by e-mail with the Subject: Exchange AMLx (or Trocas/Cambios, depending on the Language). Please state clearly the Order/ID number (available in the order confirmation e-mail), your name, and name and size or product.

7.3 In case the product or size wanted is not available, the User can request a Gift Card to exchange later.

8. Payment Methods

8.1 All orders can be paid by Credit Card or Entity+Reference. This service is provided by the partner company – “Easypay – Instituição de Pagamento Lda”, located in Portugal, with the VAT number 505237431.

9. Canceling Orders
9.1 By request of the User The User can cancel his order by soliciting it to AMLx by phone or e- mail, referring the Order number/ID. AMLx will accept it unless it has not been processed yet and in the maximum of 14 days. To confirm the cancelling, the User should also state the name, VAT number and address used at the time of Order.

9.2 By AMLx ‘s decision AMLx reserves the right to not process Orders when some inconsistency in the personal data or bad conduct is noted.

AMLx reserves the right to not process any Order, Cancelation or Exchange in case there are some errors noted. These errors can be in the values and/or details of the products, when occurring from technical problems not caused by AMLx

10. Return (Right to Refund)
10.1. According to Law, the User has the right to return the product and get a refund in the 14 days following the delivery, unless the package, price Tag or the original product has been removed or altered. If this has happened, the Return will be canceled and the original product will be returned to the User.

10.2 Before the Return process, the User must alert AMLx by e-mail with the Subject: Return AMLx (or Devoluções/Devolución, depending on the Language). Please state clearly the Order/ID number (available in the order confirmation e- mail), your name, and name and size or product along with a proof of IBAN/Swift code.

10.3 The User can request a Gift Card to exchange later instead of a Refund.

10.4 After receiving the returned product, AMLx will refund the client the amount paid for the product (excluding Promo codes/discounts).

10.5 The payment method used to place the order will be used for the refund. In case the payment has been made with Credit Card, the value will be credited in the respective account. In other cases, the refund will be made by Bank Transfer to the IBAN of the User after he has provided it. The refund will be made up to 14 days after the return of the product.

10.6 In case any part of the product is missing, or it is not intact, in perfect shape or has been worn, the refund will be canceled and the product will be shipped back to the initial expedition address.

12. Intellectual Property
12.1 “Shop” is a registered website and the Service provided by the website is AMLx ‘s responsibility.

12.2 The User acknowledges that the Service contains confidential information and is protected by Copyright and related, industrial property and furthermore applicable legislation.

12.3 The User acknowledges that any content that is part of AMLx ‘s advertising, featured on any promotion or mention of any Sponsor or Partner is protected by the laws related to Copyright and related, industrial property and furthermore applicable legislation. Any use of these contents can only occur under express authorization by the respective holders.

12.4 The User commits to fully respect the rights referred in the previous paragraph, namely abstaining to commit any act that can violate the law or the referred rights, such as reproducing, commercialize, transmitting or making available to the public any content or any other non-authorized acts that have the same goals.

13. Safety Conditions of the Service
13.1 The User complies to observe all legal applicable dispositions, namely to not practice or promote the illicit or offensive moral acts, such as Spamming or violating the personal data treatment and advertising laws. The User should observe the rules of Use of the Service, under the possibility of AMLx suspending the Service.

13.2 The User expressly recognizes and accepts that the IP Network is a public electronic communication Network and is susceptible to Use by several Users and, therefore, computing overload. AMLx does not guarantee uninterrupted Service, without loss of data or delays.

13.3 AMLx does not guarantee that the Service is provided in unpredicted situations of system overload or Force Majeure (Extraordinary situations, not controlled by AMLx )

13.4 In case the Service is interrupted due to unpredicted overload in the Systems that control it, AMLx commits to regulate it as soon as possible.

13.5 Without prejudice of other forms of communication mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, any eventual changes to them can be informed to the User in the form of e-mail by request to armazem.das.malhas@gmail.com

13.6 The User accepts to get any kind of notification or communication related to the Online store to the Address, telephone or e-mail stated during the Order placement. At any moment, the User can solicit to not receive these communications and/or notifications by e-mail or by clicking the option “Do not receive Newsletter” available in any newsletter.

14. Technical Configurations
14.1 Without prejudice to what is mentioned in the following paragraph, AMLx can alter the Service and/or the Technical conditions of the Service and Rules of Use. AMLx should inform the User such changes with a minimum of 15 days in advance.

14.2 The Current version of the Terms and Conditions and attachments at any moment is available in the website

15. Communications
15.1 Whenever AMLx decides it is necessary or convenient to optimize the experience of browsing and/or improve the connection conditions, it can remotely reformulate the network configurations.

15.2 Without prejudice of the following paragraphs and attesting the innovative character of the Service and technological evolution that can occur, AMLx can alter it’s technical configurations whenever it is convenient to adapt it to eventual technological development.

15.3 AMLx does not guarantee, however, any upgrades or improve to the Service.

15.4 Some upgrades or new functionalities of the Service can be available only after payment by the User or Subscription to certain specific Conditions of Use.

16. Claims
16.1 The User can submit any complain to the Service, to the Mechanic, to the Rules or Mediation that are available, as well as complaining to AMLx about acts or omissions that violate the applicable legal dispositions to goods acquisition.

16.2 The claim should be submitted in the maximum of 30 (thirty) days after the User acknowledges the facts. It will be registered in AMLx ‘s information system that will ponder on the Claim and will notify the User in the maximum of 30 (thirty) days counting after its reception.

17. Applicable Law
17.1 The Terms and Conditions are ruled by Portuguese Law.

Packages sent through Express Transportation companies (Delnext / SEUR) or CTT Registered Mail (Portugal Mail).

All orders done before 11am are issued the same day and delivered, depending on the destination, a minimum of 48h later.

Value and time of delivery:
Portugal and Spain: Delivered in 2 to 3 days – 4€

Austria, Germany, Italy, and Netherlands: Delivered in 4 to 6 days – 4€

France, Brazil, Belgium and Luxembourg: Delivered in 4 to 6 days – 5€

USA and UK: Delivered in 4 to 6 days – 6€

Angola, Australia, Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Rep. of Ireland, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa and Sweden: Delivered in 4 to 6 days – 7€

Rest of the World: Delivered in 4 to 7 days – 10€